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Your Time is too Precious

Your business needs you.  For you to take a few hours a week is a lot of time.


Time wasted.  You don't need to personally post to Instagram, or reply to Facebook comments, or pin on Pinterest.  That is a serious waste of resources.


I can do that for you.  This way, you can get back to running your business and giving customers what they need.

Click below to see what I know I can do to help tailor your online presence.


Facebook Page Management

My clients love that I review with them each week's content before I schedule the posts.  We create a plan to post ideas and images to get the info needed to turn

popular posts into ads.  

Instagram: design and post

You need to get the attention of your customers on Instagram.  You also don't have the time to keep up consistently. I will create eye-catching designs and post to your account all week.  This will ensure you are trusted, current and relevant.

Pinterest Strategy

Already distracted daily by the endless crafts, recipes and life hacks on Pinterest?  I can wade through for you so your brand, products or services can also be seen by 335 million people each month.  My optimized pins with your content means you can grab the attention of your customers

several times a day, and no distractions!

Website Optimization

If you already have a website and it's just not working for you, I offer suggestions and edits to get it going.  You wouldn't believe how small changes on your website can bring in customers.  Custom graphics and detailed copywriting are what you need to bring that site to life!

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