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How to master your social media accounts

You know how it's said that it takes 10 000 hours to master a new skill? That's several years of work, learning, practicing, getting feedback and improving. That's how it's done for hands-on skills like carpentry, painting, or athletics, but what about social media management?

How do you become a master at something that's constantly changing?

It's like saying you caught a fish in your hands, and the fish is constantly wiggling and knocking you off-balance. You don't really have the fish, do you? You might even think about putting it back in the water and quitting fishing altogether.

After all, you can't master what won't stay still, or stay the same, can you?

So what about your social media accounts? When you set up your profile, you choose the perfect picture, craft the best words to introduce yourself to the world, and get a little following...but then

  • the algorithm changes

  • the platform becomes stale

  • the newest social media platform zooms in and distracts all your followers

And then, you have to open a new account, and start all over again navigating a new platform, and getting a following on there. On top of that, you just learned that organic reach is dead. What? Organic reach is dead, and nobody told me??? I wasn't even invited to the funeral...

It does seem that the minute you have a platform figured out, someone pulls the carpet out from under you and you have to start all over again, figuring and figuring. It might seem like you'll never master social media.

That's where you're wrong. You see, each of us has our own content, our own products and services to offer the world. We have our followers, and our customers out there. And we have our own way of showing the world that we are here, and we are ready to help our customers make their lives easier/more affordable/healthier/etc.

So while you're writing up your informative blog posts and filming your captivating Instagram IGTV series...remember that your customers will not forget you, when you've made an impact on them.

Maya Angelou said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This is where you can shine. This is where you can master any social media platform you join. If you can reach your customers, and make an emotional impact on them, they will follow you, keep in touch, and find you regardless of platform and changing algorithm.

Don't focus so much on becoming savvy and an expert on your social media channels. What's more important is doing the very simple things that connect people to your brand. You will be the master of YOUR social media channel like no one else.

  • respond positively to every comment, and answer every question ASAP

  • ask a lot of questions to your followers about what they want to see/hear from you

  • reward your loyal followers with giveaways and freebies and spread the love

  • invite your followers to have an active hand in making big choices for the company

You believe in your product/service. You believe that it will help people's live improve. You care about your customers. And that's what makes you a master already.

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