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The surprising, simple way to tame the Social Media beast for new businesses

How often do you post to Instagram for your business? Facebook? How many pins each day on Pinterest? Are you even ON Pinterest?

Do those questions make you feel guilty? Anxious? Pressured?

The fact is, nobody can tell you how often to post for your business. I'm not going to, either. That's not what this post is about, sorry.

When you are starting a business, or starting to bring your business online, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Especially when you start reading blogs and free marketing webinars telling you that everything is important.

Get original, beautiful, professional pictures on Instagram, and get amazing, interesting videos onto your Youtube channel, and post cunning and witty tweets all day that tie into your business, and don't forget to create a masterful pin on Pinterest for every single one of your other social media posts!

And don't forget a blog. Blogs are super-important. If you don't have a consistent blog, posting new content all the time, you may as well just close down your website.

Feeling anxiety creeping in yet? It's already there? Don't worry.

Guess what? Not every platform must be saturated with your content, and it's better if it isn't. Yes, I mean that you don't need to have consistent posts on every single social media platform known to man when you've just opened shop. (If you were trying to do that all by yourself, stop. Stop now.)

What's most important (and you will get tired of me saying this) is quality and consistency. You can post 5x on one day some awesome, beautiful ideas for your Instagram account, but if you can't do that every day, no one will hang around for the next burst of creative awesomeness. You have to choose a platform and a schedule that works for you, and your customers.

News flash: not every platform is for you and your customers to interact. Not every platform is (*gasp) necessary for your business right now.

I'll let that sink in.

Think about which platforms you are comfortable with: which ones do you use most? Are you scrolling through Facebook most of the time? Do you love all those delicious photos and short videos on Instagram? Is Youtube your main distraction, or do you text away the hours on Twitter? Admit it: you waste a decent amount of time on Tiktok, don't you?

Navigate to what's easy and comfortable for you to do, consistently, right now. And get started ASAP. It's recommended that businesses just starting out should choose to focus on just 2-3 platforms!

That's a lot easier to manage, isn't it?

Facebook and Instagram, or Instagram and Twitter, or Youtube and Instagram, or Pinterest and Facebook...where are your customers more likely to be? Dig around and find out.

Choose two platforms. Develop fascinating and delightful content for each, and get a nice schedule going for them. You will be motivated by how quickly your channel fills up with awesome content. And people will start to follow you God willing.

And I'm not going to tell you post x number of times a day/week. You decide. Just make sure you budget enough time to be consistent, to come up with great ideas to share.

So the answer to our question of how many times to post to Instagram? As many times as makes sense for you and your business.

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