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You want to be seen? Show a face.

The numbers are clear. The results are staggering. So, by now, if you don't have someone's face to greet people when they land on your page, you will turn tons of people away.

It doesn't have to be your face! It shouldn't actually be you. What you want on your website, greeting people is something not a lot of people think about, but have a great epiphany when I tell my clients.

Consider the situation of your prospective client. They are visiting your website out of curiosity, right? They want to know more about what you offer.

They don't want to know that much about you. Actually, they don't want to know ANYTHING about you, that does not pertain to them.

I am not insulting your target market, I am stating a fact about the human race. We care about numero uno! Ourselves. And since that's not changing anytime soon, what do you need to greet people when they come to your website?

What should they see that will make them identify with you, and sign up for anything and everything that you can offer them?

Someone like them.

If you have an actual customer that will pose politely for you, that's great but if they are all shy, find a stock image of your ideal customer. Your ideal customer, smiling because you have just saved their life. Figuratively.

So please, if you want to work with me, save us both some time and upload a large image of someone like your perfect customer, looking at the camera before I even look at your site.

You're welcome.

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